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Review: Following (1998)

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Nearly everyone has seen the Inception, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins. Most have heard of Memento and Insomnia. Following is the one Christopher Nolan film that is still relatively unknown. And for good cause, it was his first film, is shot in black and white, and is only 70 minutes long.

The young man featured in the film begins a relatively harmless hobby of following people around. Completely random, and nothing dangerous. However, he soon finds a man that guides him into a new hobby, breaking and entering. Their main purpose, however, isn’t to just steal the most valuable things, but to take a look at the person whose things they are going through. Cobb, the veteran thief, guides the young man in just how to go about things, from wearing gloves, to getting a suit and getting his hair cut. Soon enough, he begins to realize something isn’t right when attempting to steal something for a lady-friend. And here the plot unravels.

You can really see how Following would start the career of Nolan. You can see his habit of having a non-linear timeline of events, his relatively “dark” setting, and finales that leave you starving for a re-watching. When I recommended this film to a friend, I gave him this warning: it’s about 50 minutes of nothing, followed by 20 minutes of awesome. You may have to suffer in the beginning, but stay with it, it will be worth it.

The acting, although not the greatest, is good enough. The music is eery and intense, which fits in perfectly. And the 3 ways to tell how a scene fits in chronologically (leather jacket long hair, suit and short hair, suit with black eye), is ingenious. Christopher Nolan fans will love it, and I believe most people would too.

My Rating: B+

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