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Review: Secretariat (2010)

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Short but sweet review right here. Because, let’s be honest Seabiscuit already took all of the horse movie hype.

Secretariat is of course the story of the 1973 Triple Crown champion horse. However, the movie really focuses on the horses owner, mother and housewife, Penny Chenery (Diane Lane). When her mother dies, and her father is already suffering through demensia, she takes control of the ranch and ends up breeding a winner. However, at home, husband Jack (Dylan Walsh) isn’t exactly pleased with all the time she is spending away from her house and family. Of course, there is also the flamboyant trainer, Lucien Laurin (John Malkovich) and the reckless rider Ronnie (Otto Thorwarth).

Yeah, Secretariat is super predictable, which is normal when the base material is really already famous. However, John Malkovich is really entertaining, and, well, the movie isn’t bad. True, these aren’t really reasons to see it, but if you do, there is no judging. In reality, when viewed as a family film, it actually really works well. Minus one thing that got on my nerves every time. There was a camera angle that looked like it was filmed on someone’s phone. Threw me off every time.

My Rating: C+


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