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Review: Remember the Titans (2000)

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Remember the Titans may very well be the moment when we realized that inspirational, “based on true events”, sports movies could earn some easy money at the box office. After 2000, it seemed as if there was one coming out every year (The Rookie, Miracle, Friday Night Lights, Radio, We Are Marshall, etc.). However, despite becoming muddled in with the rest of the genre, Remember the Titans somehow stands out.

Perhaps it is the stellar of cast of proven vets (Denzel Washington, Kate Bosworth), TV stars (Donald Faison (Scrubs), Wood Harris (The Wire)), and younger future stars (Ryan Gosling, Hayden Panettiere). Whatever it is, nearly everyone is this film (minus, perhaps 2 characters) ends of being lovable, and of course, root-able. The result is a group of characters that you want to see suceed.

Or maybe it owes it’s sucess to the killer soundtrack of classic hits. If nasty collisions set to the tune of 70’s hits isn’t your thing, there is always Trevor Rabin’s inspirational score, always coming in at the perfect moment.

Is it cliche? Of course. The script is filled with more lessons than Sesame Street. However, thanks to the excellent music, actors, and a great event to base things off of, Remember the Titans works for me.

My Rating: B


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