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Review: Up (2009)

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Pixar, the tenth feature length movie from Pixar is the unlikely adventures of Russell and Mr. Fredrickson. Through a series of highly improbably events, the two find themselves in South America where they meet Dug, a talking dog and Kevin, a giant, extremely rare bird. Carl Fredrickson’s original goal of settling down next to Paradise Falls is quickly forgotten as he realizes that maybe he still has some more adventures in his life.

It’s no secret that Up is one of my favorite movies and one of the best Pixar has ever produced. The key, in my mind, to its success is its ability to speak to any demographic. Kid’s can obviously relate to Russell, the adorable scout that is just looking to help the elderly, while the older generation can identify with Carl Fredrickson, the grumpy old man still trying to deal with the death of his wife. Everyone else in between can catch things that have happened to us. How many have had heroes in their lives that have let them down. Or how many have their minds set on one goal, but find life giving them something much better. For some, these might not jump out of the screen, but that’s okay. Because the movie is really entertaining.

The action is there; literal “dog fights” in the sky, old man sword fights, and zeppelin chases. Secondly, this is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen. From Alpha’s accidental voice change, to basically everything that comes out of Dug’s mouth, to Kevin and his weird movements. But for me, what makes Up so perfect is the montage spanning Carl and his wife Ellie’s life. Just music, no speaking, yet it is so moving. In just a few moments, without even speaking, Up is able to do what many movies only dream of.

My Rating: A+

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