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Review: Super 8 (2011)

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The hype machine reared it head, yet again. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Super 8 since I saw the Super Bowl spot earlier this year. Yesterday, I finally was able to pay my arm and half a leg to go see it. I will say that the disappointment was greatly outweighed by how much I was glued to the screen.

In case you’ve been living under a tv-less rock for the past few month’s, JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg have combined their movie-powers in creating a homage to the classic Spielberg era films like E.T., Jaws, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The story takes place in small town America during the summer of ’79. A group of kids is trying to make a film festival- winning zombie super 8 movie, with each kid having their own area of expertise (think The Goonies). Our main protagonist is Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney), zombie make-up expert and son of the town’s acting sheriff. Joe begins to fall for the leading lady (played by Elle Fanning, yes Dakota’s sister), while a massive Air Force train has wrecked at the town’s train stop. Weird things begin to happen from there as some sort of creature is on the loose.

I was so into the movie, I’m not sure if I even blinked. Each and everyone of the kids they chose seemed perfect from the start, from bossy, dirty-mouthed director, Charles (Riley Griffith) to the pyro-special effects coordinator, Cary (Ryan Lee). The great acting doesn’t stop there as Friday Night Light’s coach Kyle Chandler does a excellent job as the distant, confused, newly widower Jackson Lamb (Joe’s father).


On the downsides of things (it not really a downside but a slight dip), the final encounter with the alien, in which Joe persuades him not to eat him, was kinda cheesy and too “awwwwwww“. Also, there was alot of cursing. I know the PG-13 rating has some more lee way now, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw in a F-bomb just because you can. On a different note, I just noticed, during this entire timed I’ve tried to think of the negative things, these are the only two that stood out.

But just go see it already. If you have any interest on feeling like those who watched Jaws when it first came out go see it. If you like suspense and jumping out of your seat several times go see it. And if you want to see a bunch of friend’s excellently horrible zombie movie (during the  credits) go see it.

My Rating: A

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