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Review: Star Trek (2009)

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It seems that good ol’ Hollywood is doomed for a lifetime of movies based off of books, TV shows, comic books, children’s toys, and other movies. 99% of the time, I would say this is a bad thing, and a death sentence to quality stories on the silver screen. How ever, JJ Abrams has seem to do the unthinkable; direct a film based off of previous films and a TV show, that lots of people don’t know the first thing about (myself included), and create an unbelievable film.

The series reboot starts out with the birth of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine, originally played by William Shatner). The very first 15 minutes is stuffed full of action, as we see Kirk’s father become captain, save 800 people and then die against a mysterious foe. Then the title comes up, and I realized the story has barely begun. How Abrams got us to care about these people who were just introduced to us is a mystery for me but also an incredible feat. We also get to see the origin story of Spock (Zachary Quinto, originally played by Leonard Nimoy, who is also in the movie). His story is the most interesting to me as we see how he is looked down upon for his split heritage as both human and Vulcan. We are introduced to the great ensemble cast while they are led to Vulcan and later Earth, trying to catch the the mysterious aliens. It turns out there are (SPOILER) black hole and time travels parts to the plot (somewhat reminiscent of Lost in Space (1998)).

Through it all Abrams entertains us with not only incredible action sequences but of a great character drama, especially the odd-couple-ness of Kirk and Spock. He is able to seamlessly incorporate the original Spock (Nemoy) as future Spock, and (I’m assuming) please the Trekkies in the process. This really shows what kind of talent JJ Abrams has, and makes me super excited for the next installment (2012).

My Rating: A

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