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Review: Charlie St. Cloud (2010)

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The kid from High School Musical plus a M. Night Shyamalan-like plot? Um, okay? Why not? Hollywood has become pretty predicable with all of the sequels, comic books, etc. etc. But Charlie St. Cloud tries to buck the trend with a risky plot (Just found out it was based on a book). However, this might not be a good thing.

*Warning Major Spoilers Ahead*

The basic idea for the plot sounds decent enough, and in the hands of some directors, it could be quite good. Charlie (aforementioned Zac Efron) is revived after flat lining following a car crash which took the life of his younger brother, Sam (Charlie Tahan). Five years pass, and he still isn’t over it. In fact, it turns out that he has taken a job at the graveyard that his brother is buried. Oh yeah, he also has daily catches with his dead brother keeping the commitment he made 5 years prior. Apparently, he also talks to other dead people, including his high school buddy. Things get really weird when the girl comes into the picture. Tess (Amanda Crew) is a fellow sailor who is preparing to sail across the world. Yadda yadda yadda, they fall in love, but wait she already went missing 3 days earlier. Wait. What? It turns out his life was saved in order to save the life of Tess sfkljgflxkgjdfkls. Sorry, I was getting bogged down by all of the sentiment.

I don’t want to write off this movie as horrible, as there was some decent acting and some of the shots were beautiful. But there were just too many weird things going on. For one, they sleep together in a graveyard, when she is supposed to be missing at sea. Charlie spends half the movie creeping around the woods or Tess’ boat. It just had too many What?!?! moments to forget about. I really wanted to like St. Cloud, because I really enjoy movies with strange plots. But this was just too full of holes. That’s why:

My Rating: D+


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