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Review: Barton Fink (1991)

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Barton Fink is one of the few movies where I would be fine with another hour added on to the end. The entire movie is question after question, and only a few are answered. Which part of me likes, for the simple fact that as a viewer I’m so used to happy, nicely tied, endings. The entire movie is basically up for interpretation. Is he in hell? Is the whole thing in his head? So many questions, so little time.

Barton fink is a playwright who finds himself in LA working on his first motion picture script. Unfortunately, he is in a writing slump. He stays in a dump of a hotel employed by Steve Buscemi. Here he meets his neighbor, Charlie Meadows (John Goodman in, my opinion, his best role), a good-natured insurance salesman who seems just a little “off”. After awaking one morning with the body of a woman he recently met dead in his bed, everything falls apart.

This, very well, could be my favorite Coen Brothers movie that I’ve seen so far. There is so much that is up to the viewer, which is my kind of movie. The character of Fink sways from timid and shy to cocky and obnoxious. Meanwhile, John Goodman puts up a tremendous performance as the everyday man with a second identity. The movie cannot really be put into words, but must been seen from start to finish.

My Rating: A

By the way, is this the best movie about filmmaking since 8 1/2?

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