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Review: Calvin Marshall (2009)

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Sports movies are predictable to say the least. If they are based on a true story, we tend to know the results beforehand (Miracle, Seabuscuit, etc.), and if they are fictional, well, we all know that Rocky will end up the champ. That is where Calvin Marshall differs from the pack, we isn’t the Rookie, or Rudy, or anyone of those characters who all see their glory played out on the field. Calvin Marshall, instead shows the dark underbelly of sports, for the rest of us who have no talent.

Calvin Marshall tells the story of the titular character (Alex Frost), a delusional college student, hell bent on not only making his school’s team, but of even greater baseball fame. The story also includes his coach, an ex-minor league player (Steve Zahn), and the love interest, volleyball hotshot played by Michelle Lombardo.

The poster states comedy, but overall, it wasn’t full of the slapstick humor that I’m used to from Steve Zahn. This is surprisingly, a very good drama about knowing your limitations, but also your dreams, and the balance between the two. Zahn’s character is especially well written and well acted. It was totally unexpected, but I really thought this was an excellent movie.

My Rating: B+


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