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Review: The King’s Speech (2010)

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Another day, another highly acclaimed movie to watch. With The King’s Speech, I was watching 4 Oscars. I just keep waiting and waiting for the great movie to not meet expectations and fail miserably. Alas, that day will have to wait, because The King’s Speech did not disappoint.

The film is based on the historical story of King George VI (Colin Firth), and his speech impediment which leads him to speech trainer, Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). The story is not only that of his overcoming of his stuttering problem, but also his relationship to his brother (Guy Pearce), his relationship with his wife (Helana Bonham Carter), his unlikely rise to the throne, and the emergence of Hitler and Germany.

I’ve read that this is a very boring film. It has no sex, humor, or action, some reviewers say. They are, partially right. There are barely any outdoor scenes, let alone “action scenes”, there is no sex, but humor is present in the film. Surprisingly, the movie was very entertaining, and at no point in the two-hour period did I want the movie to just end.

In my mind, the best part of the film, was not the fantastic acting done by the all-star cast, but the way the film was shot. There is a sense of being closed in during the movie. Firth’s speeches are filled with tight shots, as if you can feel the walls closing in, and the air being sucked out of the room. The loud throat noises, and the look of being unable to breathe really makes you feel for his character and being unable to express himself through words.

My Rating: A


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