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Review: The Science of Sleep (2006)

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"Tonight, I'll show you how dreams are prepared.
People think it's a very simple and easy process
but it's a bit more complicated than that.
As you can see, a very delicate combination of
complex ingredients is the key. First, we put in
some random thoughts. And then, we add a little bit
of reminiscences of the day...
mixed with some memories from the past."

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams. I always seem to have them all of the time, and do a pretty good job of remembering them. Sometimes even my memories are blurred as to if I just dreamt them or if they really happened.

Enter, The Science of Sleep, Michel Gondry’s love story between Stephane and Stephanie and the dreams that make his life more unusual than most. Stephane has always confused reality with his dreams, sometimes to the point of doing things in real life, while he is still asleep. He still hasn’t really grown up, and his awkwardness seems to generate sympathy from the viewers. I for one, found his stammering and saying the worst possible things cringe worthy and felt so bad for him.

The dreams themselves, with their cellophane rivers and cotton clouds are perfect, with their familiarity yet still being foreign. What is real and what is not,  is the question Stephane deals with, and as the viewer, he can just see what he sees and experience what he deals with.

This review, like the movie is all over the place, and I can’t apologize because I still don’t quite know how to organize my thoughts on this oh-so-different movie. Although it isn’t quite as amazing as Gondry’s previous work, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Science..” is still a great film and deserves to be recognized more than it is right now.

Rating: B



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