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Review: Brick (2005)

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"See the Pin pipes it from the lowest scraper for Brad Bramish to
sell, maybe. Ask any dope rat where their junk sprang and they'll
say they scraped it from that, who scored it from this, who bought
it off so, and after four or five connections the list always ends
with The Pin. But I bet you, if you got every rat in town together
and said "Show your hands" if any of them've actually seen The Pin,
you'd get a crowd of full pockets."

If someone were to ask me how to describe the story of Rian Johnson’s first feature, “Brick”, I would say to imagine the titular character from “Kick-Ass” and think of what he would do if he read detective stories instead of comic books. After watching 1944’s “Double Idemnity”, the noir-style seemed to carry on quite seamlessly to modern-day high school.

To catch you up on the storyline, Brendan (played excellently by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), is attempting to navigate through the high school bureaucracy in order to solve the murder of his former girlfriend Emily (Emilie de Ravin).  The story is top-notch, but still, nothing too new. What makes this such a unique experience is the script. The fast-paced slang can sometimes be confusing, but furthers the story, even when the action stalls for long periods. The furiously paced dialogue also keeps you on your toes, thinking and processing the information presented not only to Brendan, but to you the viewer. The result is a great example of what would happened if the style of yesteryear were to be made in the setting of today.

Rating: B+


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