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Review: Tangled (2010)

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So, in case you didn’t know, I’m a dude. I am also well past the age that a company like Disney would try to market a fairy tale to. Also, I love Pixar, and will devour anything they put in front of me, but Disney on the other hand, hasn’t been the same for me since the heyday of The Lion King, Cinderella, etc. So, it would be an understatement to say I wasn’t looking forward to seeing Disney’s interpretation of the story of Rapunzel. So imagine my surprise, when I watch Tangled, and was generally entertained!

Be forewarned though, it is a musical. So if the whole break out in random song and dance number isn’t your thing, you might want to think a little before watching. I claim to be on the frown at singing side of things, and I surprisingly loved it. The whole movie as a whole is moving, hilarious, and has edge-of-your-seat action (for a cartoon). Tangled, for lack of a better description is a return to the glory days of Disney animation. Both of the main characters go through transformations and are really likable. Both Zach Levi and Mandy Moore really bring their characters to life, and the evil “mother” Gothel, voiced by Donna Murphy is absolutely hilariously hate-able.

Rating: A-


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