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Review: Thor (2011)

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I think I am with most people, in the fact that I knew nothing about Thor the Norse god or the Marvel comic book hero going into this movie, except for the fact that he wields a massive hammer. So I think I can be a good judge on if the movie explains it properly. And in my opinion it does a very good job of it.

You can’t really compare Thor to any superhero movie already made. The whole god/space/kings thing is something you don’t really see in spiderman or ironman. Even with how ridiculous it sounds, Thor somehow pulls it off. With Natalie Portman spitting enough science/tech jargon I found myself completely at ease with the idea of a ripped dude being from another planet. The downside? Maybe the armor. In the beginning it was really distracting for me, and it looked corny as crap. But as the movie continued, I either forgot about it or simply got used to it.

Another plus is the villain, Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston). As possibly the best comic book villain since the Joker, Loki is completely relatable. In the beginning and in the shadow of Thor, I found myself rooting for Loki. His decisions in the movie are unpredictable, yet make perfect sense afterwards. His relate-ability is what makes him such a great character. What’s stopping me from becoming the bad guy, if that scrawny kid can become one why can’t this one?

After its all said and done, we’re left with a really good movie. It could have been a really corny ridiculous movie, but they keep it lighthearted, but still a quality picture.

Rating: A-

And because I can, here are the sweet character posters for Thor:


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