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Review: The Green Hornet (2011)

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Okay, so I just watched The Green Hornet, and now I realized why this is out on DVD after being released just 4 months ago in theaters. Christopher Nolan has spoiled us with the revived Batman films, and any new superhero movie is destined to fall short of its shadow. Even completely different genres feel as if they have to live up to them. We all know Seth Rogan ain’t gonna be in any dramatically tense scenes, but he does do comedy.

And comedy is where the Hornet tries to go, might I add successfully. As in, that script was laughably bad. The movie, especially near the end turned into one giant cheese puff. Whether or not the corniness was purposeful, it didn’t really meet my laugh needs. The movie barely funny, the acting was meh, and the relationship between Seth Rogan’s character and his father is super strange.

I will say that the first action sequence when Kato (played by Jay Chou) goes into his own matrix-like routine was very original and very well done. But that is about all I can say as far as good things go.

Rating D-


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