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Review: Monsters (2010)

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Monsters is a miracle film. However, I wouldn’t call it a good film. With a very large crew of 2 people, and using cameras totaling $8,400, Monsters is an unbelievable feat of film making. Nothing seems out of place, the effects don’t feel cheap, and even the titular “monsters” are pretty believable. In fact, some might call the effects fantastic.

On the other hand, it tends to focus more on the relationship between reporter, Kaulder (played by Scoot McNairy) and tourist Sam (played by Whitney Able). This would be fine and dandy, if only Kaulder wasn’t so unlikeable. There is no point in this movie where I saw any reason Sam would be able to want to be with him. The romance just seemed forced.

So what we are left with, is a romantic monster movie, where the monsters aren’t the main attraction, and the relationship isn’t believable. For me, I would recommend seeing it, if only for the amazing for the film makers did with it. Just don’t expect Cloverfield.

Rating: C+


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