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Review: Delicatessen (1991)

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Remember Amelie? Well, this is the same movie, minus the pure joy, with two tons of despair added. Once again, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet takes you on a trip to some strange alternate universe. Only this time, the world has run out of food, and the currency has turned into seeds. Obviously people have reached their limits, and some have even taken to the eating of their own kind.

First off, this movie isn’t for everyone. There’s with that statement above, you should know better. But don’t pass by on this movie just because it sounds like some bizarre horror flick. It has an unusual amount of substance to it. The film reminds me of a reality show, in that there is basically only one building where everything happens. A group of very distinct personalities have come together during these rough times and attempted to survive. All of which leads up to the grand finale, worth the previous hour and a half of viewing.

After everything is said and done, Delicatessen is one of the most unique movies I’ve ever seen. If you liked the style of Amelie, but like a darker feel, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Rating: B

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