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Review: Amélie (2001)

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So many times in movie reviews I see the word “delightful”. I watch the movie and wonder why the reviewer used that particular word. Sure it was a fun movie, but was it really “delightful”? Then I watched Amélie. What can I say, it’s a delightful movie.

A little backstory. I’m no stranger to the movie, even though I just watched it. I remember passing the vivid DVD case countless times, and even seeing it on numerous must watch lists. “But it’s a foreign film” I said to myself. Finally, I’m here today kicking myself for not seeing it sooner.

The movie follows the life of Amélie, a shy, somewhat quirky young waitress. The first 10 minutes has no dialogue, but sets up the story by the narrator explaining Amélie’s childhood, parents, and co-workers. Long story short, she is able to return a box of old toys to its original owner. She devotes her time to help others, until she finds a way to make herself happy for once.

I am a huge fan of the abruptly canceled TV show, “Pushing Daisies” and you can tell it was influenced by Amélie. It’s bright colors, interesting characters, and happy music all feed into making this modern fairy tale.

Long story short, if you haven’t seen Amélie yet, go do so. Because life is all about the little things that make you happy. Amélie makes me happy.

Rating: A

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