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Review: Insomnia (2002)

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Why hadn’t I ever heard of this movie? Al Pacino, Hillary Swank, and Robin Williams in a darker role than usual. Throw in a little-known director such as Christopher Nolan, and you got yourself a good (not great) movie.

This film reminds me just as a Christopher Nolan movie. It mostly just reminds me of other Nolan films. Poster: Prestige. Flashback sequences: Memento. Dark Atmosphere: Dark Knight. Insomnia is often overlooked in light of the genius of Nolan’s previous and later films. In a sea of Memento’s and Inception’s floats Insomnia.

The story follows two police detectives sent to Alaska to solve a murder of a young girl. Among the search for the murderer, Al Pacino’s character ends up shooting his partner. This would be all fine and dandy, except for the fact Pacino has a motive to kill and then lies about the shot fired. This leads to sleepless nights, hazy days and an overall dark atmosphere as the guilty cop and the guilty murderer try to one up each other with their attempts to cover up their own crimes and send the other to their fate.

Very good movie. Go see it.

Rating: B+

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