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Review: The Pixar Story (2007)

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This documentary is pretty much the epitome of “mixed feelings” for me.  I call myself a huge Pixar fan, and love pretty much every movie they create, so my hopes were pretty high going in. Some of my hopes were fulfilled, however some aspects of the movie were dissapointing.

The doc starts out as a sort of mini-history lesson on animation and how Disney had slowly fallen downwards. This was pretty cool, seeing how Pixar came to be. The pack of misfits fighting for survival. All of this is presented very well, getting interviews from everyone involved, from Steve Jobs to Roy Disney. Whoever was in charge of getting the interviews schedules deserves a special mention.

The story then morphs into each individual movie Pixar creates. Toy Story, their first and most important film, was incredible to see the story behind the scenes and the amazing response to the first feature length computer animated movie. After this point is where the documentary takes a turn for the worse. From here it seems like a promotional video, just to show how awesome Pixar is (Of course, I do actual think this, but that is besides the point). It refuses to ask any challenging questions, doesn’t look at any of the animated films outside of Pixar and Disney, and it doesn’t go into to much detail on any of the movies.

It runs under one and a half hour, so the risk isn’t bad. And if you are fan of Pixar and their work, I would recommend it. If you are looking for a documentary asking the tough questions or want the technical details of just how Pixar completely changed the game, keep looking.

Rating: B-

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